Comfortable, Affordable Sober Living

Luminous Sober Living offers comfortable, quality living conducive to abstinence, recovery and personal growth. Affordable sober living for men and women in Marin County, CA.


  1. All residents, regardless if they reside in the men’s or women’s house, must be sober to enter and agree to weekly on-site and lab drug & alcohol testing.
  2. Both sober living houses ensure a strong community of supportive individuals involved in their recovery processes and active lifestyles.
  3. Luminous believes in minimal structure and oversight, as we trust our residents to stay on the recovery path of their choosing in a healthy and sustainably way.
  4. In addition to recovery, we also encourage employment, education, volunteering and/or whatever path to productivity they may choose.
  5. We offer weekly in-house meetings led by our counselor-in-training house managers.
  6. In light of our philosophy, we believe in communal, albeit minimal indoor and outdoor chores to foster a sense of home with our residents.
  7. Mandatory meeting attendance and sponsorship for twelve-step followers is required.


  1. All shared rooms regardless if it’s in the men’s or women’s sober living house, start at $1,000.
  2. Private rooms are between $1500-$2,000 per month.
  3. $500 security deposit, refundable upon giving two weeks’ notice and departing in good standing accepts cash, checks and PayPal.
  4. Fully-equipped kitchens, hi-speed internet access, washers and dryers, flat-screen televisions, , workout & fitness area, enclosed yard & BBQ area, parking, and more.
  5. All residents are encouraged to enhance their stay by bringing items essential to their comfort and success, within reason.
  6. 30-day minimum stay required, no stated maximum.