The Philosophy

It is Luminous Sober Living’s objective to create a recovery environment with careful balance between comfort, structure, and affordability. Equally important however, is the belief that we should always maintain a real-life sober living environment that offers residents the freedom they need to rebuild their lives.

The core of Luminous Sober Living’s philosophy is about stressing both communal support and personal responsibility, while pursuing a solid individual recovery plan. Our semi-structured environment, which requires two mandatory meetings, minimal house chores, spot drug testing, and a nightly curfew, still leaves ample room for personalization.

A person’s ability to fulfill their obligations is essential to his or her recovery. We allow the flexibility to meet those responsibilities, be they work, family or extracurricular activities. Our policies are intended to encourage growth and personal responsibility, while still maintaining the balance and integrity of each resident’s individual recovery program.

Luminous Living does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. Our housemates are encouraged to explore and create their own plan, which we will then support and nurture to help it take root. We do host a weekly open stag AA meeting every Thursday and believe in the potency of the twelve-step approach.